Take a Selfie With Family at 3D Museum Trick Art Gallery Bali

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3D Museum Trick Art Gallery Bali

No need to be confuse if you are planning to spend your holiday in Bali with your family. There are a lot of destinations you can choose one of them is the relatively new 3D Museum Trick Art Gallery. In this museum, you can enjoy a variety of multi-dimensional paintings which are painted using special technique that makes the illusions remarkable.

For those who like to pose, this museum will suit you well because the optical illusions will make it appears as if you merge with the painting background. In this museum you can find around 80 variations of 3D paintings such as painting illusion of falling from plane, famous people, animals, fantasy, romance and many more. This museum is located on Jalan Sunset Road 789, Seminyak around 10 minutes away from Le Jardin Villas.

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