best babi guling in seminyak



Best Babi Guling in Seminyak

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Best Babi Guling in Seminyak

It’s very easy to find pork dishes in Bali such as suckling pig (Babi Guling), Pork Satay, Pork Ribs and many more. The most famous dish you should try is suckling pig. Near from Le Jardin Boutique Villas in one of the best suckling pigs in Seminyak that you should try, Babi Guling Pak Malen. Like Nasi Babi Guling in general, this culinary consists of steamed rice, pork meat, fried pork skin, pork satay, pork sausage, and steamed mixed vegetables or what Balinese people would call, Lawar.

Located on Jalan Sunset Road, Seminyak or less than 10 minutes away from Le Jardin Boutique Villas,. If you are pork lovers, this place is a must visit during your holiday in Bali. They also serve soup on the side which makes the Babi Guling even more delicious. This babi guling is favorite around tourists, taxi driver, office worker and every people in Bali.

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