Best Burgers In Seminyak

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Le Jardin Boutique Villas is surrounded by many restaurants where you can find various kinds  of food, especially burgers. Juicy burger on a hot sunny day in Bali will definitely make your day even better. Here are 5 our recommendation for best places for burger that will melt in our mouth, in Seminyak area:

The Butcher Clubs Bali

Best Burgers In Seminyak


First established in Hong Kong, The Butchers is finally arrived in Petitenget-Bali. When you are around Petitenget, you must stop by this restaurant that is famous with their dry-aged beef. The Butchers offers many variants of burger such as Double Happiness, Wu Tang Style, Red Eye Reduction, and Veggie Burger.

Don’t forget to try their “Double Happiness”. It is our recommended burger, deliciously served with double patty, double cheese, double bacon and double beef. The Butchers also serves organic chicken, veggie, barramundi fillet and bacon.

Location: Jalan Cendrawasih, Petitenget Bali

Open hours: 11 am to 11 pm.

  1. Wacko Burger

Best Burgers In Seminyak

Photo credit: IG @lunchladynyc

Wacko Burger focuses on burgers, from classic style to creatively innovated new burger style, you can find it here. They have various selection of burgers such as Classic Wacko Burger, Cheesy Bacon, Down Under, Flaming Bali Crunch and many other kinds of burgers with innovative creations. Their signature burger “Down Under Burger” is the best seller here, so maybe you can try it out if this is your first time there. You will also get to enjoy the burger on their semi-open space.

Location: Jalan Drupadi No.18, Seminyak

Open hours: 12AM – 9.30PM

  1. Bossman

Best Burgers In Seminyak

Photo credit: IG @bossmanbali

Not far from Seminyak Square, you can find a famous burger joint , Bossman that crafted six signature burgers such as : Original Gangster, Al Capone, El Chapo, Kim ‘Chi’ Un, The Gandhi, and Notorious P.I.G. All of the signature burgers are made with best ingredients including 60-days dry-aged chuck steaks, premium quality pork slowly cooked in low temperature for over 18 hours until the meat becomes juicy and tender, and added with Boss Man’s 100% homemade sauces, you must try their burger out. The Original Gangster is a must try.

Location: Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 8B, Seminyak

Open hours: 11AM to 4PM

  1. Blackhouse Burger

Best Burgers In Seminyak

Photo credit: IG @moving79

Black burger, why not? It is made with natural ingredients  with no artificial coloring, which makes it favorite burgers in Bali. Black Burger offers beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options.

Location: Jalan Patimura, Legian Kuta

Open hours: 1.30PM – 10.30PM

  1. Wah Wah Burger

Best Burgers In Seminyak

Photo credit: IG @wahwahburger

Walking around Jalan Laksamana, you will find one of the best burger spot in Seminyak that is also perfect for brunch. Wah Wah burger presents their burgers with Wagyu tenderloin steak that you will not regret. Wah Wah also offers veggie, chicken, pork, butterfish, chicken, veggie and pulled pork burgers as well as steaks, satay and seafood.

Location: Jalan Laksamana 11A, Seminyak

Open hours: 11AM – 11PM

  1. Five Monkeys

Best Burgers In Seminyak

Photo credit IG: @patatat

Five Monkeys is located around 20 minutes away from Le Jardin Villas. You can find variant of burgers such as cheeseburger, chicken burger, hamburger, and barbecue bacon cheeseburger. Five Monkeys’ Menu are really simple, so you can easily find the tasty burger based on your mood. They also offer variants of hotdogs, nachos, chili cheese fries, milkshake and more.

Location: Jalan Raya Legian 350

Open hours: 9AM – 12AM

So which one will be the first burger that you want to try? All the burgers will arouse your taste buds. Take your family to enjoy the burgers on hot sunny day in Bali.

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