Best Seafood Restaurant in Bali

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Bali is one of the island with biggest fish production, so you can easily find all kinds of seafood culinary here. Don’t leave Bali without trying up a fresh seafood culinary on this island. Bali has many places to enjoy good seafood. Here are some our recommendation on where you can find best restaurants in Bali and don’t forget to bring your kids to get a new experience while eating seafood.

  1. Menega Café

Jimbaran beach is one of the famous places to enjoy freshly grilled seafood while overlooking the ocean, enjoy the breeze and watch the sunset. It is a nice place for family dinner by the beach. There are dozens of seafood restaurants and our recommendation is Menega Café.

restaurant in bali

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It is a recommended restaurant in Jimbaran Bay that offers wide selection of seafood. Starts from Lobsters, clams, shrimp, red snapper, octopus, and many more. You can choose fresh seafood from the tanks or ice trays or just choose one of packages from the menu with affordable price. We recommend you to  arrive earlier before sunset to beat the crowd.

Location: Jalan Four Seasons Muaya Beach, Jimbaran, Kuta

Hours: 11PM – 10PM

  1. Warung Mami

restaurant in bali

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Warung Mami is where you can find fresh seafood with affordable price. Even though Warung Mami isn’t located on the beach, but there is no doubt about the taste. It’s simply delicious. This place provides fresh fish, clams and shrimp. This warung is quite simple, managed by Mr. Putu, the friendly owner. A portion of seafood already includes plecing kangkung as vegetable side dish, fried onions, cucumber and carrots with lime juice and salt, fried garlic, and sambals.

Location: Jalan Uluwatu II No. 30X, Jimbaran

  1. Bale Udang Mang Engking

restaurant in bali

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Bale Udang Mang Engking is ready to pamper your belly with their scrumptious honey grilled prawn. It is a must try prawn that you should try during your holiday in Bali. You can enjoy the prawn in the bale (made from bamboo) surrounded by a large fish pond and accompanied by water splashing and traditional instrumental. This is a kid’s friendly restaurant because Bale Udang also has kids’ playground and your children can also feed the fishes that swim in the pond.

Location: Jalan Nakula No.88 Sunset Road

Hours: 11AM – 11PM

  1. Kedonganan Fish Market

restaurant in bali

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Kedongan Fish Market is where you can find all kinds of fresh seafood. They sell various types of fish, prawn, clams, octopus, scallops, squids and many more with affordable price. It is a traditional fish market and we can assure that you will get new experience in Bali. It is easy just come to the market, choose your favorite seafood and bargain with the seller. If you can negotiate, you will get the lower price. After that, bring all the fresh seafood to warung near the beach and ask them to grill it for you. While waiting for the grill, you can play with your kids on the beach, drink fresh coconut and watch the sunset. While having your food, there are some musician that will get around the tables and sing for you. Enjoy!

Location: Jalan Pantai Kedonganan

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