Kid-friendly Activities in East Bali with Kids

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Looking for a new destination for your next family trip in Bali? We will give you some recommended places to visit with your family. This time we will talk about kids-friendly activities to do in East Bali. From trying Balinese satay, play on a swing with beach view, taste a chocolate and playing around tree house.

  1. Warung Lesehan Mertha Sari

activities in East Bali

Image credit: IG @ninik_hidayati

During your exploration to East Bali, don’t forget to stop by at Warung Lesehan Mertha Sari, Pesinggahan Beach, Klungkung. This place is famous for its various processed tuna dish. You won’t get any menu book, just simply order how many portions you want and they will give you their complete dish contains of sate lilit or minced fish satay, pepes – fish grilled in banana leaf, stir fried green beans with coconut flakes, fish soup, crunchy peanuts and sambal matah. So you can bring your kid for lunch before exploring the East Bali and  enjoy the food lesehan or ‘sitting on the floor’ experience.

Location: Jl. Krisna, Pesinggahan, Klungkung

Opening hours: 8AM – 6PM

  1. Bali Chocolate Factory

activities in East Bali

Image credit: IG @gek_melasti 

Charlys is a chocolate factory in Bali surrounded by coconut trees right on the edge of Jasri Beach, Karangasem. You and your kid can taste various types of chocolate made in this factory and see the process of chocolate-making. Charlys also have three big swings that are tied to coconut tree directly facing the sea. There are also artificial boats and wooden houses that looks  Smurf house, a favorite spot for photos. So, for you chocolate lovers, you can also put this place on your must visit list when you are on holiday to Bali.

Location: Jalan Pantai Jasri, Pertima, Karangasem

Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM


  1. Playing on Bias Tugel

activities in East Bali

Image credit: IG @sunfamily_travel

Bias Tugel Beach is one of the quiet and hidden beaches in East Bali. The access is easy so you can bring your kids to go to the beach, it is around 5 minutes’ walk from the parking area. Here are some activities that will make them busy : building sandcastles, digging a hole on the beach, playing at the seashore and few rock pools for the kids to dip at, don’t forget to bring their sand toys. There are also some warungs that serve foods and drinks.

Location: Padangbai

  1. Rumah Pohon Temega

Temega Tree House is one of the new destinations in East Bali where you can take your teenager kids to play around. We assure that your kids will love this place because not just a treehouse, Temega is also a restaurant with beautiful view, decorated with little swing and bridge. You can enjoy your foods and drinks while enjoying your beautiful surroundings with reasonable price.

Location: Jaalan Raya Tirta Gangga, Temega, Karangasem

Opening hours: 7AM – 6PM


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