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Kids Heaven at Gusto Gelato

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Le Jardin Villas has always been a great place to stay with your family in the heart of Seminyak. Each of Le Jardin Boutique 2 bedrooms villas are designed in a private area surrounded by rain forest garden and distinct plants. You will also be indulged by private pool, kitchenette and private living area where you can relax with your family. Not just that, there are many things that you can do with your kids. One of them is to treat your kids with one of the best ice cream on the island. So here is our recommendation for you to visit, Gusto Gelato.

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It is a kids friendly place located at Jalan Mertanadi No. 46 or around 10-15 minutes away from Le Jardin Villas. Gusto Gelato presents homemade gelato. They only use natural ingredients without any preservatives and freshly made everyday. You would not find any artificial coloring or gelatin, so it’s save for your kids. Gusto has around 32 variant of flavors including unique flavors such as chocolate chili, ginger, rum raisins, lemongrass and many more. Gusto Gelato also had wide range selection of sorbet too and you can try to taste the flavor before you decide which is your favorite flavors. Take your kids to Gusto Gelato because this place is suitable for you to relax in a cozy ambiance outdoor or indoor.- Get 1x lunch @Bale Udang Kuta for 2 persons

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