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Home is a place where your family is. But when you are having your holiday with family in Bali, there are many things you can do to make your moment worthwhile. Besides cafes and restaurants, Bali is also a perfect place for you to have a picnic with your family. So here are some of the recommended places where you can go to have picnic with your family:


1. Bali Botanic Garden

bali botanical garden

Photo Source : IG @goodlivingasia

Bali Botanic Garden is the largest botanic garden in Indonesia, located around 90 minutes’ drive from Denpasar. Besides picnic, this educational park will also allow your kids to learn about nature because this garden possess various botanical beauty such as Orchid, Fern, and Rose Park, as well as Ceremonial and Medical Plants. Traditional Balinese houses and Temples are also available for your kids to see. If you want to have more adventurous experience, you can also try out Bali Treetop to play around in the trees.


2. Waterblow, Nusa Dua

water blow nusa dua

Photo Source : IG @cindycandradinata

Water blow is a phenomenon on Peninsula’s south-eastern cliff where you can see the proof of nature’s strength and wonder. The strong waves that constantly crash against the limestone path and rock cliff, surrounded by unobstructed 240 degrees view of Nusa Dua Seascape. Please keep in mind with the strong current of the sea and wave of this area, since there are no lifeguard on standby, please watch yourselves and your kids while playing around here. Don’t forget to bring spare clothes if you plan to take some pictures at the Water Blow because you definitely will get wet.


3. Lake Buyan

buyan lake

Photo Source : IG @nisiliii

Lake Buyan, the smallest lake in Bali located right next to Tamblingan Lake, is famously known to be favorite place for camping site due to its cool weather and glass-like water, in addition to its spacious and flat ground, perfect for either camping or picnic. The exotic panorama that sometimes accompanied by the misty fog will make you feel like you are in a different dimension. You can watch the beautiful panorama accompanied by a hot glass of coffee, while your children can play around in the natural ecosystem while snacking on their savory banana fritter.


4. Bukit Asah Karangasem

bukit asah karangasem

Photo Source : IG @balitur

It is believed that Bukit Asah used to be the place where human meet their gods in the ancient time. The lush and green cliff dramatically meets the blue sky, while the clear sea water crashes on the white sandy beach shore. Ideally, we will suggest you to come to this area during dry season, due to its natural habitat, thus rain will make the area damp. During your picnic, you can either take your own pre – prepared meal for you and your kids. Otherwise, you can also buy some food and beverage being sold by the street vendors that spread around the area. The adventurers probably will prefer to come to Bukit Asah to watch the sunrise. However, you can still take your kids to watch the sunset here, equally beautiful view and unforgettable moment.



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