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Restaurants for Whole Family in Bali

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Do you happen to be on holiday with your big family to Bali and finding a hard time looking for a delicious restaurant? Or are you living in Bali and regularly eats in the restaurant with your family on weekends or eat out to celebrate family’s special moments? We have some restaurant recommendations in Bali that you can visit with your whole family:

1. Sushi Tei

sushitei bali

P​hoto Credit : @adiprabawa

Are you and your family Japanese Food lovers? You must be familiar with Sushi Tei restaurant. Sushi Tei serves a variety of Japanese specialties with delicious flavors and is sure to be liked by your family from all ages. This restaurant has a characteristic sushi bar equipped with conveyor belt to serve the menu for the visitors. The place is quite spacious and comfortable if you are visiting here with your family.

Location          : Jalan Sunset Road, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (11 AM – 11 PM)

Price Range     : Rp 11.000 – Rp 375.000


2. Pelangi Bali Restaurant

pelangi bali restaurant

P​hoto Credit : ​​@mariawidowati.tan

The strong Chinese character interiors are the hallmark of this place. Serves you with their delicious Chinese Food make this place a favorite spot for having a great dinner with the family. The offered foods are ranging from a variety of Cantonese style Chinese cuisines, dim sum, noodles and many more.

Location          : Jalan Dewi Sri No.7x, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (10 AM – 10 PM)

Price                : ± Rp 200.000 for two


3. Raja Bali

raja bali

P​hoto Credit :​​ ​​

If you and your family happen to be in Nusa Dua area and confused to choose the best place to eat, Raja Bali can be the right choice. Raja Bali offers great atmosphere of place and the strong taste of Balinese cuisine, you can order the Balinese set menu that you can enjoy together.

Location          : Main Gate ITDC No.2, Nusa Dua

Hours               : Everyday  (1 PM – 11 PM)

Price                : ± Rp 300.000 for two


4. Wahaha Pork Ribs

wahaha pork rib

​​P​hoto Credit :​​ @karenchaochao​

As you can see from the name, this restaurant serves a variety of pork processed menus that are ready to pamper your tongue. Wahaha Pork Ribs mainstay menu is pork ribs barbeque sauce with soft and juicy texture. The place is quite spacious so it is suitable to invite your family to eat here.

Location          : Jalan Sunset Road Barat No. 1689, Seminyak, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (11 AM – 10 PM)

Price Range     : Rp 30.000 – Rp 160.000


5. Little Hong Kong Restaurant

little hongkong restaurant bali

Photo Credit : ​@nomnombali

This restaurant is an oriental restaurant with Hong Kong style, as it is cooked directly by Chef from Hong Kong. The place is quite remote, located in the area of Jalan Raya Kuta, but in the specs of taste there is no doubt in it, guaranteed to make you come back here with your family.

Location          : Jalan Raya Kuta No.21/9, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (10.30 AM – 10 PM)

Price                : ± Rp 200.000 for two


6. Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta

bale udang kuta bali

​Photo Credit : @foodinframebali

Tired of the urban-style modern dining place? Maybe you can pay a visit at Bale Udang Kuta. This restaurant is a perfect place for you to come with your big family. Restaurant with traditional nuances and so many bale bambu floating in the fish pond is the attraction of this place. The menu is Indonesian style. You can try various menu packages available in here. Don’t forget to try the shrimp menu that became the signature dish of this place. If you are staying at Le Jardin Boutique Villas, you can reach the Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta in 15 minutes.

Location          : Jalan Nakula No. 88, Sunset Road, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (11 AM – 11 PM)

Price                : ± Rp 300.000 for two


7. IBC – Pondok Tempo Doeloe

ikan bakar cianjur

​Photo Credit : @ikanbakarcianjur

Known as Ikan Bakar Cianjur (IBC), Pondok Tempoe Doeloe is actually a joined group with IBC restaurant. This restaurant serves Sundanese specialty. Their delicacy taste will surely keep you coming back to this place. You and your family can try the signature dish from this place, there are various kinds of processed carp. The place is spacious and homey, perfect for spending time with family.

Location          : Jl. Sunset Road No.8, Kuta

Hours               : Everyday  (10.30 AM – 10.30 PM)

Price Range     : Rp 18.000 – Rp 90.000




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