Taco Beach Grill: Mexican Food with Balinese Twist

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Mexican Restaurant in Seminyak

In general, Mexican Restaurant serves tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadillas and others. For the Mexican Food lovers, we have suggestion for Mexican Restaurant in Seminyak that you should try because they serve fresh and authentic Mexican food with a bit of Balinese twist. Taco Beach Grill they have special menus such as Babi Guling Taco and Fierry Balinese Chicken Burritos or Burritos Ayam Betutu.

All menus that Taco Beach Grill serves is homemade, fresh and gluten-free, including their tacos and tortillas. You should try the guacamole. It comes with selection of salsas and freshly cooked tortilla chip. Take your family for lunch or dinner here. The place isn’t too big and it gets very busy especially at night so it would be best if you do reservation and book a seat ahead. Located at Jalan Kunti I No.6 Seminyak or six minutes away from Le Jardin Boutique Villas.

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