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Things To Do During Nyepi / Silent Day

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Nyepi or Silent day in Bali is very unique. Before Earth Day is popular, Balinese have been doing this tradition from many years back, the only day where there is no activity, no light and no people are allowed to go outside of the house. This is the time of year where you can spend a whole day doing nothing in the comfort of your villa, so experiencing Nyepi or Silent Day in Bali is one of the things that you definitely must do at least once in your lifetime. While spending the Nyepi Holiday in your villa, here are some things that you can do to kill time:




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If you stay at a hotel or villa, you will still be allowed to swim in the pool as long as it is located inside the hotel indoor / semi indoor area. Better yet, with swimming you won’t need to worry about all the holiday weight that you might gain from all the resting time during Nyepi.



read a book during nyepi

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Nyepi day is a perfect time for you to read that book you have been wanting to read but never get enough time to even open the first page. During Nyepi Day, you will be free from all the compulsion to step your foot outside of the villa. You can just sit on the daybed or your sofa while sipping on your beer or cocktail, accompanied by the newest novel from your favorite writer.



cook at nyepi

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Though you are not allowed to go to your favorite restaurant during Nyepi Day, which the restaurant definitely will also be closed too, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite food. Before Nyepi, make sure that you have bought the ingredients to make a simple dish that you can cook during Nyepi. Since Nyepi Day is also actually being part of Fasting, it might be better if you cook simple food that won’t need to long to cook and prepare. Besides getting the fresh food, you will also have a good and fun experience while killing some times to get through Nyepi Day.



do noting during nyepi

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This is the one time where you can stay in your room, sleep or binge watch your favorite movies, guilt free. Since Silent Day is the time that Balinese people use to reflect on their behavior and life, you can imitate their way to celebrate the Silent Day by taking a time for yourself. Since TV cable will be deactivated during Silent Day, this can be a perfect time for you to have social media and internet diet, to reconnect with nature and spending quality time with your loved ones.




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Have you ever seen Bali’s sky at night during Silent Day? This is one of the best things you can find during Silent Day that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. On the Silent Day, the sky will look very clear, naturally decorated by the clear sight of stars from the Milky Way. Without the pollution and lights from the lamps, this is once in a year precious experience that you can only get in Bali.



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